The Saga of William Pinkney Ratliff is now available!

Many are aware of the research and work that has been done by John & Diane Ratliff to publish the factual account of the life and family of John’s Great grandfather, William Pinkney Ratliff (1847-1927) who lived in Kosciusko, Mississippi. The book includes many photos of the family that will enhance any Ratliff family members library.

John now tells us the book is listed for sale at! Go to the URL link below, or go to Books on and type in The William Pinkney Ratliff Family Saga.

This work has been researched and the photos included will add to any Ratliff family members understanding of their Ratliff heritage.

For you history buffs who enjoy a good, factual report of events that impacted not only this Ratliff family but the entire region in and around Kosciusko, this book is a “must” for your personal library. Please pass this along to those local libraries and historical societies who would also wish to know the “rest of the story” regarding these events in Mississippi history.

Enjoy this fine piece of Ratliff history.


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