Ratliff’s Ferry was the name given to the rope ferry crossing the Pearl River between Rankin & Madison Counties in Mississippi by my great-great grandfather, John Ratliff (1799-1849). This ferry transported not only people but livestock and goods.  This was a main crossing between the two counties and operated for many years.  Today, there is a place called “Ratliff’s Ferry” at that location but it contains a service station/convenience store.

In June, 1984, my brother Charles & I began a family newsletter called Ratliff’s Ferry. It’s purpose was to transport information about our own family history. Not much family history information was shared with us by our father before he died in 1955. So much of what was published was provided and shared by many. The last issue of Ratliff’s Ferry was published March 31, 1990.  Ratliff’s Ferry provided family information as it was discovered. Some of it, while unproven, was interesting at least.

Charles Ratliff passed away in October of 2010.

Since the publication of Ratliff’s Ferry, the digital age has come upon us and information can more readily be shared between individuals and families through this new media.  While “blogging” is very new to me, I am going through the learning process with this new media to attempt to give some new information and/or insights into what is happening with locating some of the history of the Ratliff family.  When information shared in this blog is “speculative,” every effort will be made to so show the information as “speculative”.

Thank you for your patience as I learn a new process.  But in that learning experience, it is hoped you will learn more about your Ratliff Family heritage and be willing to comment and share your thoughts as the posts are made.  You are welcome to use this site anytime you wish.  However, I will try to notify you when new posts are made.  With this new process, every effort will be made to make timely and frequent posts with new and interesting information.

You are welcome, through the comments section of this blog to make your thoughts and corrections known.  Your participation in this process is earnestly requested and encouraged.

Ed Ratliff